Overview of Ikota Online

Ikota Online is an online neighborhood digital mall for easier and more convenient shopping experience in the renowned Ikota Shopping Complex and environ. Ikota Online is a digital transformation of retail shopping and mall experience by leveraging technology to increase sales for retailers and it also present new opportunities for shop owners to engage consumers throughout their buying or shopping decision journeys.

Ikota Online is designed to help create connections between shops and products, businesses and service providers to individuals and businesses looking for this products and services. Ikota Online allows all products, shops and businesses in Ikota Shopping Complex to gain visibilities that will enable those looking for the products and services to be able to locate the sellers and service providers easily.

At Ikota Online, we are passionate about advancing and developing the digital infrastructure. Our platform allows people to shop online or easily locate any shop or office in Ikota Shopping Centre to buy directly from over 3000 shops at the Complex. It is more convenient, faster and you will be shopping luxury and premium products and service within your environ.